Jay’s Fencl in New York

Sue from Levittown, NY sent a few photos of her visit to see the Fencl in downtown New York City. Here is what she had to say about her visit:

When you follow online for a year and a half and then you find out a Tumbleweed is coming to town, of course you have to go see one. I was fortunate enough to have that chance today. There was the Fencl and I felt just like I was meeting a celebrity! Especially since the 15th is my birthday, I felt like Jay was bringing one to town just for me.

tumbleweed fencl

I knew everyone would be inside at the workshop. But I did get to see the group come by after they broke for lunch time. Again more excitement as I easily recognized Jay in the group. A young woman eagerly ran over to me and said, “Do you know that is a Tumbleweed?” I replied, “Yes I know it is a Tumbleweed, and I came here just to see it.”

The house of course wasn’t open until after the workshop but I was still able to view it inside from all the windows. Several people drove by and marveled that it was, “a nice little house.” I of course said it was a Tumbleweed and it was a fantastic little house!

You can see the group I brought with me just to have their photos taken with the Fencl. They go all over on vacations with me and were glad to be tagging along.

I must tell everyone if you have the chance this house has some fine craftsmanship and you should definitely go see it.

I told the Fencl goodbye as we left and patted the door knob knowing someday a lucky person would be calling it “HOME”. I hope one day that lucky person will be me.

Sue J. Morgan
Levittown, NY

Fencl in New York City

Fencl in New York City

Sue's Friends check out the Fencl

Sue's Friends check out the Fencl

Sue's Friends riding on the Fender

Sue's Friends riding on the Fender

Fencl awaiting the Open House

Fencl awaiting the Open House

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Michael - June 14, 2009 Reply

Well he did it! Very cool. There’s an article in the Examinar today on Jay too. http://preview.tinyurl.com/l6nqhl

Tiny House Living , Archive » Jay in New York - June 17, 2009 Reply

[…] Jay’s Fencl in New York […]

Denielle - February 10, 2011 Reply

Is there is a listing somewhere of his upcoming stops?

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