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Tiny House in a Landscape

John Chapman from New Zealand made a neat suggestion for a weekly post here on the Tiny House Blog.

Photo Credit: HB – click on picture to see full size

The idea is to show a tiny house, cabin, or hut in a landscape. It may be a meadow, a snowscape, a cityscape or any other setting.


With this first one I am showing a log cabin in a perfect setting. I am a big fan of log cabins and this is my choice for this week. This cabin is located in Montana and I like the setting with the clouds in the background.

Saturday will become know as “Tiny House in a Landscape day” and I want to encourage you to submit your favorite photo that you find in your search for a perfect tiny house for yourself.

You can email your photo to tinyhouseblog(at)gmail.com. Replace (at) with @.

The picture should be as large as possible and if you can get permission from the photographer please do. If you are not able to communicate with the photographer, at least get their name so they can have the photo credit.

A description of the location would be nice also and why you chose this setting or what your dream is for your tiny house.

I hope this will become a popular post. Please comment below if you have any suggestions or other ideas.

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Katie - June 14, 2009 Reply

Great idea! I will sort though images I have been saving.

Kim - June 15, 2009 Reply

All over the back roads of VA and MD are little houses like this. I’m often on long road trips thinking, whoah! I wish I could stop and take a shot of that awesome tiny house!! There are also sometimes little motels that are actually a set of tiny buildings, each being a room. Sometime I need to take a road trip with no destinations so I can get these kind of shots.

I just hope I don’t get arrested or shot at doing it…

Elizabeth Goertz - June 16, 2009 Reply

Great Idea!
Kim is correct, VA. and MD are full of them, most old and charming. My new home state of west Virginia has some, but not all are tiny, some are merely small. what is your definition of tiny? For example, my yurt is seven hundred round feet, does that count? And “house”, we stay in our yurt, it has a heater and a make shift kitchen, but the other facilities are out doors, does it count as a house?

Kent Griswold - June 16, 2009 Reply

Hi Elizabeth,

Yes, I would consider your yurt a small/tiny house and would enjoy seeing some pictures of it. House is a general term and you can get ideas just by looking at the banner of the Tiny House Blog as well as the gallery.


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Agueda Wanzer - June 13, 2013 Reply

Thanks! Keep up the good work.

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