Jay’s Fencl in Boulder

Update: Colin sent pictures plus Bill brought his Gypsy Coach, check them out below:

I was unable to get any photos of Jay’s Open House in Boulder Colorado so I am using a picture of Jay crossing Wyoming and heading for Colorado. Ellen wrote me a little about the open house so I will let her describe it. She was unable to take photos but here is her update:

My husband and I visited Jay with his house in Boulder.  What a gracious and humble man. We were honored to speak with him about how our house is going up. He really encouraged us.

We were happy to see the Fencl.  It is beautiful in and out.  We can see Jay has really poured himself into what he believes. I wish now I would have gone upstairs to get the feel of the loft.  My husband was so impressed with the overall quality of his home.  I guess the best feeling we came away with is that we are not alone.

I knew you wanted pics, but we did not have any.  I’m so sorry.  I sure hope someone sends pictures as I saw people taking them  One more thing, as we were leaving a man introduced his 18-20 year old son to Jay.  The son has been following tiny house blogs for over a year.  I was so impressed that a young man was prioritizing his life to live small.  He will have much freedom in his life if this is his dream.

The next stop is in Omaha  Nebraska, this evening, if you are able to attend and take pictures please let me know and I will get your story up to. Thank you again for everyones help in keeping this story going.


Boulder visitors checking out the Fencl

Boulder visitors checking out the Fencl

Visiting in the Fencl Loft

Visiting in the Fencl Loft

Jay visiting in the Fencl loft

Jay visiting in the Fencl loft

Jay making new friends

Jay making new friends

Bill's Gypsy Wagon

Bill's Gypsy Coach

Entry into Bill's Gypsy Wagon

Entry into Bill's Gypsy Coach

Inside Bill's Gypsy Wagon

Inside Bill's Gypsy Coach

Jay's Tumbleweed Workshop

Jay's Tumbleweed Workshop

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DJ - June 2, 2009 Reply

Sorry, Kent. My old Toyota, nearing the 200,000 mile mark, declined to make it all the way to Boulder.

I very disappointed to miss Jay’s stop there. : (

    Kent Griswold - June 2, 2009 Reply

    Hey DJ don’t worry about it, I had a couple of others hoping to be there also and life happened. I’ll just report it the best I am able and really appreciate those who are making this possible.

Scott - June 2, 2009 Reply

Great write up – despite the lack of pictures. Thank you Ellen!!

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