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How Tiny Home Offices are Revolutionizing Remote Work

To say the pandemic has changed the way people live and work would be an understatement. The tiny home market has already been on the rise for several years. But, the last year has caused some people to drastically change their living situation – either out of necessity or to start working remotely.

Earlier this year, a majority of Americans were working from home. Now that restrictions are easing, some people will go back to working in person. But, others will remain remote. Tiny home living is revolutionizing the remote experience.

Whether you find yourself needing to make a change for financial reasons or you just want a change of pace and scenery after an uncertain year, tiny home living might be the way to go. If you’re working remotely, it could help to boost your productivity and allow you to find a better work-life balance.

Let’s dive deeper into how tiny homes are changing the way people work remotely so you can decide if it’s right for you.

A Private Space to Work

Many people move to tiny homes because they’re known for being quiet, private spaces. The top five states for tiny houses are:

  1. California
  2. Oregon
  3. Texas
  4. North Carolina
  5. Florida

No matter where you are, you’re more likely to find a tiny house in a rural area than in the middle of a big city. That’s a huge plus if you’re working remotely and need to be productive.

It can also make it easier to collaborate with others. COVID has changed the way so many interact with coworkers. Zoom meetings and video conferences have become the norm. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to feel like you’re connecting with your co-workers over a digital platform. One survey found that 1 in 4 workers said virtual meetings weren’t effective because they lacked a shared visual collaboration space.

Having your own private space within your tiny house can make it easier to eliminate distractions – even in your own small office. You can stay more focused during your virtual meetings, which can increase the flow of collaboration and make it more likely for you to ask questions and chime in with ideas. When you feel more inspired to collaborate and start giving input, it could encourage others to do the same. Is it a perfect solution? No. But, it can make you feel more connected and more productive.

Making the Space Your Own

One of the concerns you might have about working in a tiny home is living with others. Like any other remote work situation, it’s about finding/creating a space that fits your needs. If you have kids, that might mean setting up a backyard office. You can even purchase a tiny home shed from Amazon to use strictly as office space on your existing property! You can also close in the porch on your existing tiny home and use features like soundproof windows to keep your privacy while you’re working.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your space. You don’t necessarily need a separate room to make an office and be productive. You could set it up at the kitchen table, or transform one of your closets into a space for your desk and computer.

Wherever you set up your office, make it a place for productivity. Include things like:

  • Art and photos that inspire you
  • Bright colors
  • Live plants
  • Natural lighting

You may not have much space to work with, but that can help to limit your distractions. The space you do have should be a showcase of your personality and your needs when it comes to productivity and creativity.

The Benefits of Living and Working in a Tiny Home

If you’re thinking about purchasing a tiny home where you’ll also be able to work, it’s important to consider the pros and cons. Because many tiny houses are in rural areas, you’ll want to make sure you have high-speed Internet available. It’s also important to be close enough to certain amenities that you won’t have to make “special trips” just to get your necessities.

One of the biggest benefits, however, is a low-stress environment.

Workplace stress and burnout have become huge problems in recent years. The uncertainty of the pandemic has made things even worse. Tiny home living is appealing to many people because it gets away from the “hustle and bustle” of larger, crowded cities.

As long as you can find a space of your own, set a schedule, and develop a routine, a tiny home office can provide you with more relaxation, flexibility, and a greater work-life balance.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a tiny home, now is a perfect time to do it – especially if you’re working remotely. Everyone could use a little escape after the year we’ve just had. Imagine being able to live and work in that escape permanently!

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