How do you know how to build a tiny house?

To be honest most people don’t know how. Back in 2007 Matt and Laura decided they would give it a try.

Building a tiny house isn’t easy, but anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. Matt and Laura jumped right in thinking that a 120-square-foot home wouldn’t be that hard.

They learned 5 valuable lessons along the way.

  1. Buy the right tools – having the correct tools will save you time and effort. Do your research.
  2. Take some practice swings – before starting to actually build the tiny house practice on smaller projects to get your skills up and gain confidence.
  3. Tap into community – The advantage of the early tiny house movement was everybody kind of knew everyone else and were willing to share in the learning. It’s a little harder today because it has grown so big. Find some tiny house community to help you along the way.
  4. Share the Journey – Share through a blog, Youtube, or whatever format you prefer. It helps you to put it out there and others can learn from you.
  5. Learn from Mistakes – Mistakes happen, learn from them and move on. Don’t give up!

Read Laura’s article on page 5 of Issue 117 of the Tiny House Magazine to get all the details.

A few pages from Tiny House Magazine Issue 117

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