Father’s Day House Sketch

Deek's tiny tie house

In addition to “Sixty Shack Sketches in Sixty Days” for my blog, I’ve been long dabbling with some bizarre other sketches, some of them possibilities for what we’re going to collectively build July 6-9th at Relaxshacks.com‘s “Tiny House Summer Camp” in Orleans, Vermont (still about 2 spots left). This, lol, is NOT what we’ll be building, but some of these non-posted roughs may later be hashed out further (this being part of a “joke”-builds chapter) for the follow-up to my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks.” Book #2 will most likely also have a FULL PLAN SET or two, for a unique tiny house- we’ve been working on this for awhile.

Anyway, this goofy little “Tie-House” is my way of saying HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the Dads out there- my own, of course, very much included. May you have a day of relaxation, and appreciation, because the job ain’t easy, and I’m sure its well deserved.

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, will also be teaching the upcoming Tumbleweed Tiny House Company workshops in DC, Chicago, and NYC.

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http://kevinsmicrohomestead.wordpress.com/ - June 17, 2012 Reply

Deek you have a strange funny bone in you.I like it! I hope the weather behaves for you at your camp.We have had a lot of rain during the filming of our build/project but people are learning a lot.

deek - June 18, 2012 Reply

Thanks Kevin- long time, and I hope you’re well! Good luck with the rest of your build meanwhile…


lynn - June 23, 2012 Reply

Love it!

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