Dee Williams on the cover of Yes! Magazine

Living at large in a Tiny House

by Carol Estes

“The more intentional you are in your choices, the more every change makes room for more changes … I just love that there’s this endless potential.”

Read the full article here at Yes! Magazine. Thank you Christina for bringing this to my attention.

Dee Williams in Yes Magazine

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Renewable Ray - April 12, 2010 Reply

OK, I’ll admit it. I have had a crush on Dee for a long time. Ever since I saw her video on You Tube. I feel better now, I have come clean. ;-]

Nick - December 10, 2012 Reply

On the YES! magazine page there are a lot of negative responses. It seems like a remake of the Simpsons episode last night with what’s cool and what’s lame…seriously? I find it irritating when people who are on the side of going green start poking at people at different levels for not being as green…It’s lthe same elitism that aspires from the hillside mansions.

Let’s look at the bigger picture, she’s attained a level of happiness and with less, and used less materials and her home is absolutely amazing. I toured it this summer and after the crowds and the noise died down a bit it was peaceful and relaxing to imagine life this simple, like being at Summer Camp forever…and the best part was, seeing yourself there. My house would probably be bigger and have more amenities, but that’s me…that doesn’t make me better or worse.

Dee’s House fits Dee…and that’s all that matters…Though its up for perception, I believe the tiny house movement is about finding what size you are and then downsizing to it. The spiritual awakening from living with less is amazing…as I have done that this year and am still working on it. Maybe it’s just time for a new level, like moving from a large family home to a smaller, more relaxed home for the later stages of your life…for instance.

You can always get more…and we are so good at getting more in America…why don’t we try for…enough?

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