Dee Williams on NBC Tonight

NBC tonight featurs Dee Williams in a short segment on October 3. You can watch it here.

Sorry video no longer available so I have put another video of Dee in this post. It gives you a good introduction to Dee and her home.

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Daniel - October 4, 2008 Reply

“…It does look a little nutty…” haha…

As they say, money can’t buy happiness. people getting those larger houses now have more headaches than ever before.

Having the time to enjoy even simple things in life can make people happy. I’m looking forward to not needing the large house that I have and downsizing considerably to enjoy other interests.


Kent - October 5, 2008 Reply

Good point Dan!

Christina Nellemann - October 6, 2008 Reply

Yay Dee!

Daniel - October 6, 2008 Reply

Have you seen this short article?

I posted on Tumbleweed site the other day, thought I’d share it here too. I found it after looking around random sites.

“Boxcar/The Little House, a one-person environmental education program in Olympia, will receive the 2008 Governor’s Award for Sustainable Practices on October 7, 2008.”

Kent - October 6, 2008 Reply

Thanks Daniel for sharing that link. Great little article and a cool reward for Dee.

frank - October 20, 2008 Reply

i would love to do this..the only problem is that in most places in america the building codes will not support this..liveing in the KOA camp is not cheep and a trailer park will not let you bye your lot…i would like to see a place zoned especialy for these and or small houses. the system knows what you want and will stand in your way to stop you. in florida the countys reqwire you to have at least 5 acers for one of these….if anyone knows of a movement focoused on changeing building codes let me know.

Effie Creecy - December 17, 2012 Reply

it would be great to have a life full of happines..

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