Micro Fridge

When downsizing you need smaller appliance and MicroFridge has come up with an interesting combination refrigerator/freezer and microwave.

Featuring a 2-door refrigerator/freezer and a .6 cu. ft., 600 watt microwave oven with touchpad controls. Finger print – free stainless steel on refrigerator/freezer doors and on face of microwave. Sides and top of cabinets are black. ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator/freezer uses less energy, saves money and helps protect the environment.


In a MicroFridge® combination appliance, the refrigerator/freezer plugs into a special outlet on the back of the microwave, the microwave then plugs into the wall…using only one wall socket.

The MicroFridge combination is available in a popular black and now stainless steel. They are quite reasonable ranging from $305 to $649. Worth checking into. These may not be the best for off the grid solutions but great for all other small spaces.

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5 thoughts on “Micro Fridge”

  1. Thanks Rich, it’s good to get some actual feedback from someone who has used these before. They look great on paper but you don’t always know how they work in real life.

  2. What it really doesn’t say , & why the cost is so high, is it REALLY is a low draw on Electrical unit. As there is a Total wattage limit allowed in most dorm rooms. And it is not that large to handle all the “New ” stuff everyone thinks they need. So well worth grabbing off craig’s list end of the school term.

  3. In the recent tradition of bringing back threads for new viewers of Kent’s lovely blog… A useful one with many more companies offering similar setups these days.


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