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24 Rooms Tucked Into One

Christian and Shelly both sent me an email this morning in regards to a New York Times article about a modern and cool and high tech and very expensive tiny home in Hong Kong, that has some neat ideas we can apply to tiny space living.

Mr. Chang, an architect, can impose on his 344-square-foot apartment, at least 24 different layouts. Using shifting wall units suspended from steel tracks bolted into the ceiling, the apartment becomes all manner of spaces — kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room, a lounge with a hammock, an enclosed dining area and a wet bar. 

Box of Tricks

The article called 24 Rooms Tucked Into One by Virginia Gardiner can be viewed at the New York Times website. Following are a few pictures and descriptions.

Photo Credit: Marcel Lam for The New York Times

Living Area

Living Area

The walls in the apartment’s main room, awash in yellow because of tinted windows, are pushed against the wall to the left to create an open space, with CDs to the left and the desk to the right.



Mr. Chang uses a hydraulic Murphy bed of his own design, hidden behind a sofa during the day.



Behind one movable wall of shelving is an extra-large Duravit bathtub. A glass shower stall doubles as a steamroom with color therapy and massage and a Toto toilet has a heated seat and remote control bidet. Sound emanates from a six-speaker home entertainment system.



A panel hides the nook, and the TV wall moves to reveal the kitchen.

Closet Storage

Closet Storage

Mr. Chang, 46, has lived in this seventh-floor apartment since he was 14, when he moved in with his parents and three younger sisters. His experiment in flexible living began in 1988, when his family moved into a bigger apartment a few blocks away with his grandparents and uncles.

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Marie - January 15, 2009 Reply

If hydraulics weren’t so heavy maybe I could upgrade my RV too.

Mike @ DigsDigs - January 16, 2009 Reply

Great apartment. It’s really is amazing.

24 Rooms in 344 Square Foots Apartment | DigsDigs - January 16, 2009 Reply

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heri - January 18, 2009 Reply

I’d totally get this (if I had the money)

shelly - January 20, 2009 Reply

very glad that this very Other approach to solving space issues is grabbing people’s imaginations. There is inspiration everywhere!
I’m really digging on the sofa/Murphy bed idea…
shelly in Bozeman.

lizzy - April 23, 2009 Reply

Great use of space… but scratching head… seems to me that most folks who live in tiny spaces are trying to conserve MONEY as well as resources and carbon footprints…

seems to me if I had that much moolah for fancy gadgets in a tiny space, Id find something ~better~ to do with it…. go

Esther - March 16, 2010 Reply

Considering the cost of real estate in Hong Kong – this is an amazing use of space. I know several people who live there who I will be refering to this article. He has probably got a lot of work by allowing the press into his home like this…..

richard - April 26, 2010 Reply

I just found this site, and it looks really good so far. Looks like a place I can spend alot of time at.

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