Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces

When living in a tiny house or small space, your bathroom is usually smaller than your average home. You need bathroom furniture to fit into these small spaces. A simple small rolling bathroom cabinet is one option worth looking into, as it can be easily moved out of the way or put under the sink.

Wall mounted bathroom cabinets are also useful as they will not use up your limited floor space. An open cabinet or a small closed bathroom cabinet would work out perfectly in your tiny house.

Other pieces of bathroom furniture to consider is your bathroom sink. A small wall mounted sink will not eat up your floor space in your bathroom. You do not have storage below this style of sink but you gain floor space and it will give you the feeling of a larger room. These sinks do not need to be plain or ugly as there are many choices on the market with a modern stylish flare.

Some food for thought as you consider making your tiny space work best for you.

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di - July 24, 2008 Reply

– small wall-mounted corner sink
– linen shelf over toilet
– towel / garment hooks back bathroom door

Rich @ Express Bathroom Furniture - August 24, 2009 Reply

Another decorating tip for small bathrooms is using wall mirrors to give the impression of a bigger room.

London Bath Store - March 25, 2010 Reply

Hey Rich,

As per your tip i.e. using wall mirrors to get the impression of a bigger room, i tried that in my apartment and it makes my bathroom stunning, seriously!

Thank you

Natasha Jones
London UK

Jen Designer - March 7, 2012 Reply

These are excellent pieces of furniture for getting the most out of your small bathroom. There actually
are a lot of options for designing small rooms. More tips include using light paint colors, and more mirrors and lighting. Recessed lighting and high ceilings also help.

Nina - August 29, 2012 Reply

Where can I find the top sink, with the backsplash, that is pictured here?

Brian Krochmal - October 3, 2012 Reply

Wall mirrors that are silvered on the back are great. Cheap wall mirrors are always aluminized ones and they may crack anytime compared to silvered mirrors. ***.,

Many thanks

Kera Gueits - November 27, 2012 Reply

Wall mirrors that are large are great because you can see your whole body. ‘

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Bruce Cabarcas - November 28, 2012 Reply

Most bathroom sinks are made up of ceramics but nowadays, there are fiberglass based bathroom sinks. ‘

<a href="Our very own blog

large wall mirror 50 in. or large - September 13, 2014 Reply

Wall mirrors work nicely in many cases. For people who have a small space
that needs to appear a bit larger, it’s conceivable to strategically work with the layout and decor of your house by the
addition of a big mirror to help reflect the light already
reachable in your home and to give the appearance of a larger room with
no remodeling. You’re creating the delusion of a larger room, through the use of a big
wall mirror at home as a decorative touch.

Zach - May 29, 2016 Reply

I love that small sink with the back splash. Where can I find one?

Small Bathroom Wall Cabinets 2168 - Home Inspiration Ideas - August 2, 2016 Reply

[…] small bathroom wall cabinets id: 2168qq | Credit […]

Quan Vu Hong - January 4, 2017 Reply

it’s so cute.i want it and a small dehumidifier.

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