Zyl Tours His First Tiny House

Zyl Vardos founder, Abel Zyl, takes you on a tour of the first tiny house he ever built. Here, you can see the origins of his architectural style, which is now well known in the tiny house world. The cat is named Midas.

Here at Zyl Vardos, I spend my time designing and building small structures, mainly ‘tiny houses on wheels.’ These begin as a pencil sketch, then become a model, and finally a fully-developed design containing thousands of rendered parts. This is very difficult work, but I have an immeasurable amount of fun doing it. Indeed, this is what keeps me going at the end of the day.

I founded Zyl Vardos in 2008, after having built a wide variety of structures since 1994. The ‘Vardos’ part of the name was given to me by my friend Dee Williams. It is the Romany word for caravan or ‘movable house.’ I am, however, Norwegian/French, which might explain why I don’t mind working outside in the cold misty rain of the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about Zyl Vardos at his website.


Dylan Magaster did an interview with Abel recently and said I could share the video here too. Enjoy!

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Abel Zimmerman Zyl - December 4, 2016 Reply

Thanks a jillion for this sweet post, you guys!


Silver Gypsy - December 5, 2016 Reply

Whoa, Abel! You are the gift that keeps on giving! LOVE your first tiny house! For Travelers, the bathroom is not anywhere near the kitchen, but there nonetheless for access and great for outdoor cooking and gatherings for gadji. LOVE that corrugated overhang; genius. The armoire is gorgeous and the bed is accessible via a very short climb. The whole thing looks beautiful and oh SO comfy and inviting. No one does it like you do, Abel. Keep ’em coming, we love it! 😀

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