Futuristic, Underground Hobbit House by Green Magic Homes

Any home that is reminiscent of a Hobbit House gets a lot of attention. What if the Hobbits (and you) could build a similar underground house using a prefab, modular system? Green Magic Homes is calling their designs revolutionary and at around $41 per square foot they are also affordable.

Green Magic Homes sells prefab modules that can be covered in local soil.


Florida-based Green Magic Homes manufactures arched structures made of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP). Each structure comes as a modular component that are durable, flexible and waterproof. In addition, the components can be assembled quickly and easily and then covered with the available soil from the area—creating thermal mass for minimal heating and cooling.

The modules come in various sizes and shapes.


Each module has smooth interior surfaces and washable walls, rounded corners and arched ceilings. Furthermore, they are impervious to rot, pests and fire and are strong enough to have up to eight inches of soil and plant life on top. While fiber-reinforced polymers are not the most green of materials, this type of architecture could be beneficial to people in hot, dry climates or fire-prone areas because the soil will protect the home from heat and damage.

The modules include doors and windows that let in light.


The modules can be placed in any configuration and include French doors and windows that let in light. The  smallest of the Green Magic Homes is the Capri at 186 square feet and includes a bedroom with a small bathroom, kitchen and eating space. One of the more livable modules is the Waikiki. The 404 square foot module contains a living and dining and kitchen space with a simple divider for the bedroom and bathroom. The entire structure can be delivered in one truckload and built in three days.

Each module can be combined into larger structures.

hobbithouse-greenmagic-tinyhouse hobbithouse-greenmagic-forest

Prices for each module will vary by size and delivery cost, but you can contact the company or register to receive more information from the company.

The interior of each module has curved walls and archways—just like a traditional Hobbit house.



Photos by Green Magic Homes

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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