World’s Smallest Solar Movie Theatre

The Sol Cinema is a micro movie house powered entirely by the Sun. It can accommodate 8 adults comfortably for a unique cinematic experience. They have a full library of comedy, quirky, music videos and short films with inspiring environment themes.

The Sol Cinema has been lavished with pride and style. They use an LED projector showing short movies in cinematic surroundings. They use lithium batteries to store the energy from the Sun to power the cinema all day and night. The photovoltaic panels harness the sunlight, even as the films are being shown, so we never run out of power.

You can learn more by visiting the Sol Cinema website.

17 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Solar Movie Theatre”

  1. That’s pretty damn genious….and while some will scream “bizarre novelty”- that’s half the genious- I’m sure this will get a ton of media coverage, which is great for the whole solar movement. Thanks for spreadin’ the work Big K (your “hip-hop” name). (Has David Stiles contacted you yet?)

    • Hey Deek, thanks and no David has not contacted me so not sure what is going on there. I’m getting your guest post ready for publishing Thursday. -“Big K”

  2. Completely wacky and fun. We do sometimes take an LED projector when camping. It only does about 12 watts, so it must be really dark to play movies. We can pan out to about a 50″ screen size before we start losing definition.


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