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February 15, 2020

Tucson Glamping Getaway with Vintage Trailers and Tiny Houses

Before modern tiny houses on wheels, now classic trailers were the movable micro home of choice. At El Pais, you can experience both a quirky glamping getaway. It’s a boutique motel & campground in Tucson, Arizona, that embraces the mid-century era.

Choose from a selection of themed motel rooms, vintage trailers, tiny homes, as well as an eclectic clubhouse and pool. This kooky yet charming experience is the brainchild of mother/daughter duo, Toni and Jade Josie. For them, this is an exciting opportunity to work together and an extension of their rich vintage trailer restoration background.

More recently, they partnered with the in-the-works Hummingbird Tiny Home Inn. After some development setbacks, they found themselves with a surplus of tiny houses and no place to put them. Through the magic of Instagram, they connected with El Pais over the love of all things mobile and tiny.

Now, visitors can choose from a growing selection of restored trailers and modern tiny houses on wheels.

For a look inside El Pais Motel & Campground, watch this:

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