Building a Tiny House with Salvaged and Reused Materials

This is a live recording of a panel discussion that Ethan Waldman had at the Big Mass Tiny House Festival back in September of 2019.

Based around building with salvage and reused materials and featuring well know DIY builders and tiny house dwellers.

Featured on the panel discussion were: Alex Eaves, Vera Struck, Sarah Hastings, and Shorty Robbins.

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In This Episode:

  • How do you find an acceptable used trailer or vehicle?
  • A new trailer from leftover trailer parts?
  • What other kinds of salvaged materials can you use in your build?
  • The important contribution Vera made to Alex’s tiny box truck house ?
  • The search for the salvaged: the time, energy, and know-how it takes to use salvaged materials.
  • Not all gifts are usable: how to handle the things you don’t want or cannot use.
  • Keeping your heirlooms by reusing them as something else
  • Advice from our wonderful panel of tiny housers!


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