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Abodu Prefab Units Easing Bay Area ADU Woes

In the land of ultrafast startups, there are bound to be one or more that will relate to the tiny house craze and some may even ease the burden. Ever since the San Francisco Bay Area legislature made accessory dwelling units (ADU) or granny units legal, the permitting process for doing so has spiked. However, with the popularity of adding extra living space to an existing backyard, the same permitting and building process has become much more difficult and confusing.

Abodu is a Bay Area prefab company that is pre-approved for San Jose’s ADU permitting.

One company that is trying to ease the process is Abodu, a Silicon Valley prefab home company. Their units come fully constructed and can be installed in a backyard of any existing home in the California Bay Area. All the units conform to all the current building permits and the city of San Jose has already pre-approved the Abodu homes on their list.

The completed 495 square foot units can be placed into any backyard with an existing house.

The 495 square foot units are designed by Koto, a UK-based design company known for their streamlined prefabs. The homes have a clean and simple Scandinavian design. They include a living space, galley kitchen, and one bedroom with a full bath. The homes are being designed to house an extra one to two people per unit.

The units have a living area, galley kitchen, one bedroom and a full bath.

The homes are all built to standardized parameters. Quality materials and natural hardwood are used throughout. Features such as sliding glass doors, marble shower stalls, Moen faucets, and mini-split heating and AC units all come standard. Other high-end features also include quartz kitchen countertops, Haier appliances, and built-in closets.

The base price for early adopters of these new units is $199,000. This includes site evaluation, permitting services, the completed Abodu, all site work, delivery and installation. Permitting with local planning departments is not included and Bay Area residents will want to check to see if their property taxes will be affected by adding an ADU to their backyard.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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