Tiny Yellow House Video – Floating Home

This is an impromptu post. Deek just sent me his latest Tiny Yellow House video and it is about a floating home, my second passion after tiny houses. He gave me the opportunity to put it up even before he did. I have another post that was supposed to go up but you may have to wait till tomorrow to see that one.

As usual Deek shares his great humor and the quality of this video is way up there, I wish I had his talent for videos! I did not have a chance to run this by Kasey so don’t blame her if there are any spelling or grammar errors.

Enjoy the video and be sure and follow Deek at the Relaxshacks blog.

13 thoughts on “Tiny Yellow House Video – Floating Home”

  1. Great video thanks for the information. I’m living north of Portland Oregon, they have a large population of house boats. Mostly these seem to be higher end homes, trendy spots on the water.

  2. Thanks garagecat…

    Just FYI for all out there too- as you’ll see, its not your reg. Tiny Yellow House video- a little more serious than some of the others/different in style- but don’t worry we have many goofy, project/building driven ones on the way.

    This is something we shot for airbnb.com- and had a ton of fun doing- but figured we’d toss it up on TYH anyway- as its based on a smallish houseboat.

    Wish we could have had access to their other houseboat “The White Elephant”- that place was pretty amazing. Maybe next time…


  3. Sorry you didn’t dig it Joe, as mentioned, the other stuff down the line is more true to form. This was a live and learn video (we only had one mic, budget and time constraints), and in hindsight I wanted to/should have done all the talking, as the only audio we ended up having DID come off as very infomercialish, which is not what we wanted- but…we still though some people would dig seeing the houseboat and interior, etc- and the places are pretty cool.

    • Deek, I did see it as infomercialish, and spent more time replaying the kitchen than actually listening to the message. I love houseboats, and study boats, house and sail, always looking to see how they make the best use of space, they’re so much better than RVs. I’m usually amused with your videos, I work with a homeless population and am amazed at what you come up with…my perspective of what their housing needs are, and yours, of course, are different. I did appreciate Bill Bracken…would love to see him in person. I took the good and left what I didn’t like, keep up your good work, this wasn’t a favorite 🙁
      And I greatly appreciate your reply…

  4. Loved the video Deek, your a HooT as always. As much as I tend to be a purist (sorta) about tiny houses, I didn’t take offense to your slight ‘off the trail’ adventure. It still stays in the range of alternative living spaces.
    I still expect more of the ‘out of the box’ idea’s on space and building alternatives that you deliver with enthusiasm and humor.

  5. Deek,

    Thanks for the video. Do you have any information on who builds these houseboats? Any leads as to who manufactures these would be great.


  6. My 7 year old granddaughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the video and didn’t care if it had commercial aspects. We just liked the peek inside a houseboat. She thinks the kitchen is too white but likes the two decks so you can be outside on sunny and rainy days or get away from your parents on the other deck if they start talking about really boring stuff. She’s a huge fan of Deek’s videos and finds them very inspiring. We’re building a play shack this summer, haven’t decided on the design yet as she keeps finding more new ideas.

  7. Deek,

    I loved it! I really wished the video had a few more shots of problem areas, such as, the kitchen and bathroom. Just to give possible ideas of how they were arranged. But, over all, I enjoyed it.

    Lets face it… I am willing to watch a few infomercials if, it aids you in making your signature videos later.

    You have to pay the bills somehow and I will support that. Will always watch, cause you just never know what you are going to do next. I find it refreshing.

  8. Thanks again all- for your honest feedback too….and don’t worry we have some build/how-to stuff on the way too…some for my channel, some for Make Magazine, etc- there’s just only so many hours in a day, days in a week, etc to actually work on those- then film and edit them too- but we have quite a few things in the wings….


  9. I lived on a 21′ Ketch, it was fun. But now I’m thinking the home made Houseboat would be a good one, Especially on a long inland river. Hope the law allows it. Looking at moving to inland Oregon .


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