Space Saver Furniture Video

This weeks video is a commercial for space saving furniture. I think it is worth your time just seeing all their great ideas. The furniture is built in Italy and I’m sure it has a price tag to match though I was unable to find prices on Resource Furniture website.

The pictures of the bed is the Ulisse Space Saving System consists of a Queen or full size wall bed. It is available as shown, or with a desk or a sofa on the front that fold ingeniously underneath the bed as it opens.

11 thoughts on “Space Saver Furniture Video”

  1. Sadly, the simplicity of design and function doesn’t translate to simplicity in acquiring these products.
    Would love to “transform my home so easily”

  2. You can build your own wall bed if you have the woodworking skills. Check out the recent Fine Homebuilding issue, they had a good article on the process. The murphy mechanism is available for purchase too, just need to google it.

  3. Def some cool products- I’ve checked out their site many times in the past.
    And yeah, if handy, a murphy bed is easy enough to build, but it is nice to have some options for those who don’t have the time/skills.
    My little murphy bed in my Vermont cabin, cost me $6.00 to build- recycled materials, and old salvaged door hinges. It has a bungee-locked dart board (with doors that swing open) on the bed’s floor-facing side too- and a homemade redneck hasp.


  4. We use a Murphy Bed at our cabin too. It is an excellent solution for rooms with multiple functions without sacrificing comfort.

    We built ours using the commercially available hardware – I highly recommend it.

  5. There are a ton of DIY books out there to were you can create your own wall bed and I am sure the plans for the bunk beds are ion there as well….Also IKEA has been promoting the idea of saving space for ever and it doesnt cost that much lol

  6. Did anyone else feel like they were watching a magic show? Ron Barth the magician with his female assistant spinning the box around to assure the viewers there is no trap door. In all seriousness though, there are some fantastic ideas and this furniture doesn’t seem like a hastle to switch around like most versatile furniture.

  7. I LOVE this furniture! Too bad even one piece would
    probably cost a fifth of what I hope to spend building a tiny home
    someday. 🙁

  8. Hey, that bed in the pic is pretty cool but did anyone check out the lamp beside the bed. That is one of the coolest lamp shades that I have seen in a long time. Fabulous!



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