Redneck Windows for Cabins Video

Here’s a new mini-video- part of my freebie/redneck windows for cabins/budget tiny homes series….with some other news/yappage on our summer building workshop (July 9th in MA) and more. We’ll also be starting that micro-design contest (details to come) semi-soon- and thanks for agreeing to be a guest judge. We have quite a panel already, including Jay Shafer, Alex Pino, David And Jeanie Stiles, Michael Janzen and more- we’ll post the details (and the HUGE array of tiny-house-related prizes) soon on Its gonna be real fun/wild! Meanwhile, while you perhaps check out the new vid, its off to work to finish some work for this weekend’s shoot for Make Magazine, AND for “The Tree-Rex”- a treehouse/micro-home (small-scale, but a useable/inhabitable prototype) that will be, yup, shaped like a dinosaur- arms, tail, and all! We might keep this near my property long enough for this summer’s workshop attendees to check out first hand- as well as 3-4 other cabins I have on the lot.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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alice - January 30, 2011 Reply

Entertaining and practical as usual, thanks for the good ideas and inspirations. My granddaughter suggests you could use a flashlight in the eye window to send secret signals to your friends at night, or make it blink with a shade inside while making horrible sounds to scare little brothers or sisters. She wants one with a movable jaw as an entry, worked with ropes and pulleys to make it ‘talk’.

louise - January 30, 2011 Reply

Great idea for our playground expansion! I’ll have the kids help design, any other ideas appreciated!

Deek - January 31, 2011 Reply

Thanks! (Kent too)

Yeah- I have a peanut-butter jar lid I was going to use for the pupil of the eye….some OTHER redneck window videos on the way too.

This “Tree-Rex Treefort Head/Cabin” also features a one-gallon pickle-jar window- that doubles as cantilevering (from the inside-out) storage for this mini 16 square foot structure.


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