Quick Tips For Washing Clothes On The Go

In recent days I have heard several stories of freshly minted college kids and teenagers a like who – when tasked with it – have stared blankly at a washing machine. With detergent in hand, water running, and smelly, collegiate clothes piled at their feet, the youths have buckled under pressure turning to YouTube or their mommas for help! Truth is, the chore can be anything but glamorous and if not properly trained, a person can simply freeze without so much as dipping a pair of jeans that have eaten Mexican food, ridden the train…..four times, worked on a garage conversion, watched an all-day marathon of ‘Murder, She Wrote’, and washed the dog, into the sudsy. Throw in the challenge of a laundromat and chaos is sure to ensue!


I invite you to watch and enjoy the following short video that dispenses a few oft-overlooked tips on washing clothes when on the road.

From stockpiling quarters to remembering the detergent the concept of staying fresh and clean can sometimes be taken for granted.  To watch just hover over the video image and click on the red, centrally located, standard YouTube play button to view.

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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

2 thoughts on “Quick Tips For Washing Clothes On The Go”

  1. My kids were turned loose on the world with full knowledge of how to cook, do laundry, basic clothing repairs, carpentry and the rudiments of mechanical repair, plus how to live off grid if required and some emergency skills. My grandkids will have those basics plus a lot of computer savvy. It augurs ill for the future that there are people with such little practical knowledge out there making decisions and even voting.


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