Monarch Tiny Homes Half/Half

Patagonian kayak guide, John, just purchased a Half/Half from Monarch Tiny Homes. This model saves you time and money, efficiently propelling you to tiny-home living. “We build the first half” means the heavy lifting is done. “You finish the second half” means creative, custom interior design is in your hands.

  • In this video interview, John answers the questions to :
  • What made him choose to get into tiny house living?
  • What is he most excited to work on?
  • Why did he choose Monarch Tiny Homes?
  • Did he pay additional for electrical and other utilities?
  • Is he happy with the quality of the Half/Half?
  • What reactions has he had from friends and family?

For more information on the Half/Half, please visit

Monarch HalfHalf 2

2 thoughts on “Monarch Tiny Homes Half/Half”

  1. I like to know about getting a tiny house and package deal. I want the house without trailer. asap. what state can I get that package


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