Kirsten’s Innermost House Video

Last month I had the privilege of visiting Innermost House and getting personally acquainted with Diana and Michael Lorence. Kirsten Dirksen of has also been invited to experience their home and has just completed a video of her visits.

I feel her video brings to life a bit more of the unique experience of the Innermost House and I hope you enjoy it. You can view my other posts about Diana and the Innermost House here and here. Thank you and enjoy! Kirsten’s story can be read at the faircompanies website.

12 thoughts on “Kirsten’s Innermost House Video”

  1. Bless you, Diana; your sweet youthful voice and contemplative thoughts are soul-balm!

    I’ve passed many hours exploring your website and words over and over…what a happy treat to see your life and home featured here, first by Kent and now by Kirsten!

    I keep thinking that there’s something about the fireside in Innermost House that feels like a stage — upon which the most unexpected, yet perfectly right, events unfold in that magical flickering.

    Thanks to you, Michael, Kent, and Kirsten for bringing your unique domain to life and sharing it here on Tiny House Blog.

  2. Thank you for sharing the beauty and serene environment of this beautiful home and lifestyle. While I can’t unhook this much with my work, I revel in working in segments of time where I can “just be” in this manner. It helps me learn so much about just “being” with all its related nuances.

    May you be showered with blessings throughout the year.

  3. I stumbled across the Innermost House a few months ago, and this just cemented my desire to live in such a wonderful place. Thank you so much for posting it.

  4. I live with a tiny amount of electricity rather than no electricity. Just enough to play my music and charge my little tablet computer. I love being off grid and never paying bills. Wonderful video, thanks.

  5. Kent, every time to you post on this house and the Lorence’s lifestyle, I become more and more appreciative of it. The space is so simple and clean and they have so few THINGS. But what they do have is precious, beautiful, and intentional. It seems like an ideal marriage of valuing simplicity/minimalism and craft/design/significance. Thanks for sharing Kirsten!

  6. I am grateful to peer, if only a moment into the lives of others who seek more solitude less busyness in their lives. Wonderful. I loved just listening to her voice.
    rural south central sunny ARkansas
    PS: This is a nice read:
    December 30, 2011
    Eva Zeisel, Ceramic Artist and Designer, Dies at 105 By WILLIAM L. HAMILTON “Men have no concept of how to design things for the home,” she told a writer. “Women should design the things they use.” Eva Zeisel, a ceramic artist whose elegant, eccentric designs for dinnerware in the 1940s and ’50s helped to revolutionize the way Americans set their tables, died on Friday in New City, N.Y. She was 105. Her death was confirmed by her daughter, Jean Richards. On May 28, 1936, she was arrested, falsely accused by a colleague of conspiring to assassinate Stalin. She was imprisoned for 16 months, mostly in solitary confinement, an experience that Arthur Koestler, a childhood friend, drew upon in writing his celebrated 1941 novel, “Darkness at Noon.” Again, Ms. Zeisel’s eyes were opened.

  7. Okay- this woman should have been a nun- she has the zealot mentality that I find so irritating about converts.. I lived in reclaimed log cabin in the woods about 40 years ago, no electricity, no running water, just firewood, and yet I didn’t feel superior, we just did it. For 4 years we did it, and even tho I don’t regret it, I see it as an experience to learn from- I love my computer, my electric lights, tech in general. And we didn’t need the matchy leatherbound set of “classics” either. I hate to be a buzz kill, but isn’t the whole movement about choice? The sunrise can be the first from the top of a high rise: it’s your head space that counts. Don’t glamorize this lifestyle, but rather stay in your bedroom for a month eating vegetables and trying to read by candlelight, and then see where you are at. Sorry to be the non-peotic naysayer, but seriously??


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