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Is Free Tiny Home Content Really That Dangerous?

We got a doozy for you all today. I invited 2 distinguished tiny home Godfathers on the channel to weigh in on the all-to-well-known Arm Chair Expert and why these type of people are so dangerous within the tiny home community.

Watch the video interview here.

What is an armchair expert you may ask? Well, to start generally they are giving out free advice or content when they really have no experience within the topic discussed. For some people, a well-thought-out answer is a simple google search away…WRONG! Due diligence and research are the only modes of finding and curating proper content. These folks will hop on Facebook forums and spout information they think they know. What I have found, and I WAS SHOCKED, most of these humans have never lived in a tiny home, designed a tiny home, or built one…..Why would their opinion count?

Well, today we break down why this is such a new phenomenon. We also discuss how to spot this behavior and what you can do about it!

The truth I have found is simple: If you want to be vetted and up-to-date tiny home information paid content is the way to go!

Click on the image below to watch the video.

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