Ikea and Small Space Solutions

Ikea Malaysia is posting a video series featuring their interior designers who give tips on how to squeeze every thing you need into a small space. Featured in this post are a 430 square foot apartment; a 118 square foot combo bedroom/living room and a 29 square foot bathroom that also has laundry facilities and more.

These videos are short and they demonstrate very well what can be done in a small space. The ideas could be easily applied to a tiny or small home. You can view the Ikea Malaysia Channel here and see the complete series.

19 thoughts on “Ikea and Small Space Solutions”

  1. I like the bathroom sink and the idea of hanging hooks over it to hold more stuff!

    I am anxious to see the IKEA by my daughter’s house to see if they are bringing in some more small space ideas.

  2. I like that first video, even though it’s for a commercial enterprise it says some sensible things. That shared space for 6 is ideal for the modern “bomb shelter” . In my “ideal house” the laundry, bathroom and clothing storage would be one integrated space similar to the bathroom shown (taking the increased moisture into consideration of course). Makes sense to minimize carrying things to and fro as much as possible. That desk table was a good idea, ideal for a DIY project.

    • Go into any Ikea store – I Know they sell it in store – I bought one in Los Angeles and I’ve seen it in ikea stores in Phoenix and NY

  3. Hard to argue they don’t have good looking stuff and good ideas for how to use it all. Though their quality, while better than it was a decade or so ago, is still poor. Plus being made who knows where, there are better ways to go. Take their ideas and fulfill it through alternate means. Locally made new or used quality products would generally last longer and be better all around.

    At the very least, buy their better stuff. My desk I got years ago is very sturdy and will last a long time. Some of their products are still flimsy and wouldn’t take a move to a new place which can be an issue.

  4. Awesome! 🙂

    Reminds me of this idea of a guy in NYC – a 2 level cube *INSIDE* an apartment living/working space:

    Nice Cube for Alternative Living

    And I think this guy is possibly my newest hero:
    TED: Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness
    420 sq.ft. living/working/entertaining space…


  5. I think the videos had a lot of excellent ideas for maximizing useage of space. I really liked the idea of the washer in the bathroom. I wonder how long it would take clothes to dry when hung in the bath.


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