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Family’s $25k Tiny Home Pays for Itself

A tiny house on wheels is an ideal starter home for many. However, as a family grows and kids get older, space needs often grow too.  But what becomes of the tiny home? Today we share the story of how one family recouped their initial financial investment and then generated a steady and fulfilling source of income. It’s truly an impressive return on investment.

Katie and David built their tiny house as a flexible starter home. It provided the opportunity to try out a new town before settling down and a low cost of living as they searched for new jobs. For two and a half years, they lived comfortably in their self-built tiny home with two dogs and their firstborn. Once baby #2 was on the way, it was time to buy a small home.

Now, Katie and David host their Little Red tiny house on Airbnb, nestled on their property with private-feeling yard space.

As a stay-at-home mom, Katie loves the sense of purpose it gives her, as well as the vital income and meaningful connections made with many of their guests. Also, they both think that what’s unique about hosting a tiny house on Airbnb is that it is an experience—a way for guests to try out tiny living as well as do fun research on their own future tiny homes.

Selling Little Red is out of the question, but Katie and David do not want to see it sit empty. Ultimately, Airbnb hosting breathes fresh life into their beloved, hand-crafted tiny home. And when family comes to visit, it becomes an instant guest house!


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