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Dan Fitzpatrick and How to Legalize Tiny Houses

In this week’s podcast, Ethan talks with Dan Fitzpatrick is the Director of Government Relations and president of the Tiny Home Industry Association.

Dan has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for tiny home legalization.

Ethan and Dan talk about the importance of calling our homes “Moveable Tiny Homes” instead of “Tiny Homes on Wheels”, The current status of Appendix Q, and how to do tiny house advocacy the right way.

Learn more about the ongoing issues of making tiny houses legal.

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In This Episode:

  • There is progress toward legalizing tiny homes
  • Dan explains Appendix Q and what it means for tiny house dwellers
  • The importance of standards and who they protect
  • Is there a database of communities that allow tiny houses?
  • The benefits of joining the Tiny Home Industry Association
  • Explaining cottage clusters and the costs associated with tiny house communities
  • Who makes which parts of tiny houses legal?
  • How to find a contractor for your tiny house and when you should hire someone to help
  • The new tiny house terminology and why the term is being changed
  • You can be an advocate for tiny home legalization in your community with some help from Dan
  • How to talk to your local zoning officials to get your plans approved

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