Coolest Little House in Seattle
February 2, 2011

Coolest Little House in Seattle

Howard Carson sent me this video about a home he discovered in the Seattle, Washington area. So far I have not been able to find out much information about it but I am writing Jonathan Lemons to see if he has more to share.

Awesome new Seattle home by Hartman Kable Design + Build. Architectural drawings by Jonathan Lemons ( ( Video editing by Grant Lemons.

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alfredo - February 2, 2011 Reply

Very nice. I especially like how it has an actual staircase and not just a ladder or an offset stair case to get to the loft. I have a small dog and while I have no doubt he could make it up the ladder, getting down would be another story. Also, I am not getting any younger either.

Debra - February 2, 2011 Reply

This is awesome! Those stairs are a great idea……must incorporate them into my little place.

Scott, are you here? 🙂

Very well done.

    Scott Stewart - February 2, 2011 Reply

    Whats that saying about great minds???

    I really like the stairs too, I have skipped back and looked at them over and over!

    Maybe we can incorporate something like this into your third building????


Margaret - February 2, 2011 Reply

Stairs are really wonderful. I’m only 30 but I am losing my ability to walk and a small house with a ladder to a loft would be much further out of reach than one with stairs. I like those ones but I would personally put in some that could have storage drawers. Just a dream of mine on the plans for my great small house in my head. LOL

alice - February 2, 2011 Reply

Hard hat area under that office if you drop a pen and the front benches are definitely not kid or klutz safe but otherwise an interesting design. I’m also curious about the stairs. What, if any, extra engineering is built in to make them sturdy?

Schneb - February 2, 2011 Reply

Love the lay-out, internally and on the site. One tiny possible problem: the floor of the upper levels looks like a grid/’weave’ with spaces where debris could fall through. Good for keeping things open, airy, and so on, but–specially with a dog in the house–not so good over food prep/eating spaces.

But that’s a detail–my main reaction is to very much like the way different spaces are created and connected, and the overall ‘look’/’feel’ of it–materials used, scale, size of openings, etc.

Claudia - February 2, 2011 Reply

That’s a fantastic kitchen, easily the most functional I’ve seen — in a big house or tiny!

I wish these design firms would crank it down a notch with their websites. They’ve gorgeous to look at, but often take forever to load and it’s often impossible to find actual content.

Diane - February 2, 2011 Reply

I love this, pure and simple. How open and light it is. How the builder managed to put in both an office space and a separated bedroom area.

Truly it seems to use all the horizontal and vertical space and also makes it so easy to be outdoors on the patio. Incredible that it also has an actual bathroom and kitchen!

Jonathan Lemons - February 2, 2011 Reply

Thanks so much for the positive feedback and interest in the project! I’ll put together an overview package for your site by the weekend w/ more info. This little ADU is located in Fremont. You can check out other projects I’m working on at All the best to you!

seth - February 2, 2011 Reply

Great design Jonathan! Can’t wait to see the overview w/additional info.

Karen - February 2, 2011 Reply

Love the stairs. Fremont is an area north west of downtown Seattle. I live in the area and am curious where exactly it is. Great house!

gmh - February 2, 2011 Reply

I love everything about this house- wondering where some closet space might be… also wondering how it feels with the deck doors closed on those oh-so-frequent rainy days in Seattle. Would it feel too closed in?
The view from the office is wonderful.
I need to see a floorplan. I am all about the floorplans…

Bob H - February 3, 2011 Reply

Great looking kitchen. Also like the stairs. I would like to know how the railings passed code inspection.

liz - February 3, 2011 Reply

Stuff falling through, like dirt from your shoes might be a problem, but it looks great and lets light through.
Next time you video, talk about the best features, maybe the stuff you cant see, describe the building and what the camera is looking at, give damentions etc. If you are not comfortable doing it on the fly, do a voice over. We could get so much more info about the building that way.
Ps, next time put the toilet seat down, or better yet close it! Grin.

Brand - February 3, 2011 Reply

Wow! That looks like a tremendously livable little house. I love that it has a real bedroom, and not just a little alcove reached via ladder. I do find myself a little curious about where they store their clothes, because even a minimalist needs a closet or dresser. Absolutely loved the middle loft deck with computer desk and reading chair!

Benjamin - February 3, 2011 Reply

I like what I could make of it on the first view. It was a little hard to follow with all the “creative” camera work. I guess I’ll have to watch it a few times more. (Be sure to wipe your shoes off before you go upstairs. Also, bare feet might be a little uncomfortable there.) Overall, there’s no denying it’s cool!

cj - February 4, 2011 Reply

The stairs are a brilliant way of letting light through. It turns what could be claustrophobic into airy. At every turn in the video, I just marveled at the light that floods this place.

Roy - February 5, 2011 Reply

Very nice. I looked at the images posted in FB and I see that the mechancial systems and a washer/dryer are in the garage. The garage also provides some nice extra storage, as well as a work space if you’re doing some carpentry or making a repair.

The only thing I’d do different is place the “office” on the lower floor corner, and I’d put a small pub table in the kitchen area near the deck. I’d move the living area to the landing near the sleeping loft.

    Brand - February 6, 2011 Reply

    Where was the garage in the video? Is it attached or detached?

      Roy - February 6, 2011 Reply

      The garage was at the beginning of the video. There was a car parked in front of the doors., which look like they open horizontally. The loft is over the garage, and at one point in the video you can see someone walking into the garage from the kitchen area.

      Check out the photos and schematics posted on Facebook. You can see the garage space better.

Chris Long - February 7, 2011 Reply

I must be an idiot. For the life of me I cannot find anything on facebook that doesn’t point right back to this page. Can anyone post links for “photos and schematics posted on Facebook”? THANK YOU!

    Kent Griswold - February 7, 2011 Reply

    He is referring to his facebook page. He is planning to send an update to me sometime in the near future with a floor plan and photos and I will put a new post up when it arrives.

      Chris Long - February 8, 2011 Reply

      Yes, I understand that much. What I DON’T get is where, exactly (URL please!) people are seeing “photos and schematics” ON THE FACEBOOK SITE. I just can’t seem to find ’em. Anyone?

        Kent Griswold - February 8, 2011 Reply

        Hi Chris, it took me a while but I finally found them. This link should work it is in his photo section of FB page 11.

          Chris Long - February 8, 2011 Reply

          yahoo! thanks, kent.

          leilani - February 13, 2011 Reply

          Oops, that link doesn’t work for me either (Feb. 13)

          Maybe Mr. Kable himself can send Kent G some pictures & plans?

          Kent Griswold - February 13, 2011 Reply

          I’ll see if I can make contact with Mr. Kable and do an update. Not sure what happened to the other article that was coming my way…

Clay MacInnes - February 11, 2011 Reply

I’m incredibly impressed by Jonathan Lemons’. I purchased a very small lot in central Seattle and started working on some designs which I’ve since had converted and made “buildable” by a really good architect. After looking into Mr. Lemons’ work I’m seriously considering sending the job his way to see what he can come up with. It’s just fantastic.

@Chris Long: You, sir, need to seriously relax. Your rant is seriously diminished by the fact that you couldn’t be bothered to look for the information you wanted (which everyone else had already found) and instead of looking harder you demand the information from people unrelated to Mr. Lemons. Another thing to consider is the fact that you have no way of knowing if Mr. Lemons did, in fact, provide the information on time and it just hasn’t been posted to the site for one reason or another. I’ve dealt with private contracting before and I can assure you I look into my clients before taking a job. I would certainly refuse to take any work from you based on the unprofessional and impolite manner in which you conduct yourself and communicate to people you don’t even know.

Architects are busy people and their craft takes time. It’s just a fact of the business. Mr. Lemons is definitely on the short list of architects I want working on my tiny home. This one might have just jumped him to the top. Keep up the excellent work!

leilani - February 13, 2011 Reply

There seems to be some confusion in the comments.

Is my understanding correct that Hartman Cable did the design & contracting & Mr. Lemons did the drawings for the project?

Hartman Kable also designed & executed the widely published shipping container SurfShack (a cool tiny house in its own right) in Washington State which has its own website here:

@Kent Griswold, there is an email contact for G. Hartman Kable at the link above if you like to try to weasel some more drawings & pics out of him? (Hint-hint)

He also shows often up on hgtv offering lessons for cool DIY carpentry projects.

Custom Stairs Seattle - May 15, 2012 Reply

Awesome little houses! Think we could build stairs in one of them? Might not take very many, of course! 🙂

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