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August 20, 2020

Zack Giffin Tiny House Nation Host, Entrepreneur, Advocate, and Builder

Zack is well known for his hosting of Tiny House Nation. However, Ethan and Zack discuss many of his other pursuits within the tiny house movement. Though a “tiny house celebrity” of sorts. Zack is down to earth and involved as Vice President of the Tiny Home Industry Association, and owner of the Zack Rabbit Tool Company,

A carpenter by trade, professional skier, and a tiny house builder. Listen to this episode to learn more.

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In This Episode:

  • Zack’s experience, inspiration, and love for tiny houses
  • How ski culture, the tiny house lifestyle, and environmental conservation all compliment each other
  • Hindrances to growing the tiny house movement parallel the difficulties with social equality
  • What is attrition and how can ADU laws help mitigate it?
  • The pros and cons of requiring tiny homes to have an RVIA certification
  • Operation Tiny Home: helping people heal by giving them access to community
  • How does Zack use his show to advocate for equality?
  • The solution to the loft: the feature that made Zack’s favorite tiny home
  • Principals of the Zack Rabbit Tool Company


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