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It’s the Journey Not the Destination

It's a Journey

Living in a tiny house is more often than not part of a journey.

Many times the home is just a stepping stone to another part of your life. Emily Gerde shares the changes her family has gone through during their tiny house journey in this month’s issue.

Just one part of the journey is the variety of tiny homes that could come your way. The wide range of options is why I was initially drawn to tiny homes.

A tiny house may be a mobile structure built on wheels. Or take that similar structure and build it on the property you own and use it as a cabin retreat. You can even do this with the simplest of structures such as a tent or a yurt.

If you want to be completely mobile there are many other options. From a converted van or bus to a camper, motorhome, or a trailer. Any of these can be lived in full time and you can travel to warmer destinations during the winter months.

Perhaps you prefer living on the water. A boat or a floating home can fill this desire. Living in a treehouse or underground is a further option, or build an ADU behind your or your children’s home.

Inside this issue you will find:

  • The Hive Cottage Makes Extra Room Expanding Beyond Tiny Surface
  • Beating The Heat In A Tiny House
  • It’s The Journey Not The Destination
  • Upcycling Hideaway In Iceland
  • Tiny Bug Out Bags Are Exactly What You Need
  • Finding Something True: Part 2
  • On The Cover – Indigo River Tiny Homes
  • Egg Man Freedom Tour 2
  • Mo and The Giant Peach
  • The Underappreciated Joy of Keeping Your Tastes Simple
  • Put Your Message Here Too
  • How to Pee (and Poop) in the Woods: For The Ladies …OK, Guys Too!
  • Avoid The Store. Ship To Door.
  • Last Call – Deek’s Tiny Underground Bunker

A few actual pages from this month’s 92-page issue below.

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 92

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