When the Code is Subjective, Enforcement is Elective. And That’s Not Fair with Luke Iseman

Luke Iseman is one of those people who when he hears “no” he says “hold my beer”. After an appalling realization he and his partner was spending an ENORMOUS amount of their take-home on rent in the Bay Area, Luke got creative. He found a vacant lot he eventually bought, and put a container home on it. Not long after, he had a small colony of intrepid, super-smart, artsy tech people who joined him. Together they thumbed their noses at the area’s stratospheric cost of living….until the city got involved….

That was almost three years ago. Today, Luke has beat the city and is building an impressive business that not only put a (tiny) roof over his head, but also others seeking relief from some of the highest housing costs in the United States. https://boxouse.com

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