How Often Should I Clean That?

A beautiful house can be ruined if it is not cleaned regularly. Untidiness means the beauty gets hidden behind unnecessary clutter and dirt but it isn’t easy to keep a house clean either.

This infographic from HappyCleans might help you as it goes into detail on how often different areas of the house need cleaning. The majority of us will do the dishes and laundry on a semi-regular basis but other areas of the house can be neglected.

For example, there are areas of the house such as fan vents that have a nasty habit of collecting dust, pollen, and other allergens. Vents need to be cleaned out on a monthly basis to prevent this from happening. Simply soak the cover in warm and soapy water before replacing.

Computers and electronics also have a knack of gathering bacteria and grime. Items such as your phone, keyboard, and computer mouse need to be cleaned on a weekly basis to prevent these items from being filthy.

Other items such as the fireplace need attention only on a yearly basis but some people never clean it. It isn’t a big job but needs to be done to prevent leftover ash spreading throughout the room. Try to get into the habit of giving the firebox area a good clean after every use if possible.

Another key point is that vacuuming isn’t always sufficient to clean carpets. It’s worth bringing in professionals at least once a year to steam clean the carpets or perhaps twice a year if you have pets. Check out the full infographic now.

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Paula Schmidt - May 22, 2018 Reply

Be so much more helpful if you had them clustered together–al the weekly/monthly, etc.

Martha - May 23, 2018 Reply

Wow, thanks for these tips 🙂 I love to clean my home smart

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