Walkin’ on Sunshine with Light Harvest Solar

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It doesn’t take a sunny day, or even a solar array, to light up Mile’s face. Just ask him about solar technology! This week the podcast crew ventures out to join Miles Heiner in the shadow of the beautiful St Johns Bridge, in a converted shipping container, to learn about solar technology. He doesn’t care if you need him for your tiny house solar system design, if you’re powering a cannabis farm security system, if you want more flexibility in your RV, need an off-grid-system designed for your South African mansion, or just want to pick his brain about what’s next in the wild world of sunny day power. He is ready, equipped, available, knowledgeable, energetic, and creative; and we just plain like him. And when you find your way to his shop you’ll get the added bonus of being able to peek in the windows of his neighbors; almost a dozen tiny houses under construction!  Yay!

More photos here.



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