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Universally Accessible Wheel Pad Pre-Fab Home Additions

There are so many neat and innovative ways to use a tiny home. Ethan’s guest today is no exception.

Wheel Pad produces universally accessible prefab home additions that help keep people with disabilities home with their loved ones.

Ethan chats with Julie Lineberger, the President of Wheel Pad, to talk about the why, the how, and how much.

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In This Episode:

  • The inspiration behind Wheel Pad: Julie’s Godson, Riley, and some important customer feedback
  • How long does it take to hook up the addition to the host home?
  • Keeping funding, eco-friendly, and weather in mind
  • Who is buying Wheel Pads?
  • What about permits and building codes?
  • How do you need to prep your site?
  • The cost, quality, and where they’ll be available
  • The difference between an L3C, an LLC, and a Non-Profit company
  • If you’re a veteran and are interested in a Wheel Pad, Wheel Pad will help you with the paperwork

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Tom - June 19, 2020 Reply

Why wouldn’t they simply use pocket doors, instead of making a regular door huge and unwieldy like this ?

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