Turning a Farm into a Tiny House Community

What if you built a tiny house on wheels and then you wanted a legal place to park it?

Soon after you find that perfect piece of land and you make the decision to purchase it.

You then want to turn it into a legal tiny house community.

Who knew it would take two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it happen.

Ethan in his podcast talks to two people that made this happen. Callie Brauel and Nathan Huening did just what we discussed above. Learn from them and the challenges they faced in today’s episode.

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In This Episode:

  • A creative way to finance your tiny house build
  • Custom designs that fit their lifestyle
  • The search for a perfect piece of land
  • Advice about working with a planning department
  • Important points about the due diligence period
  • How Cranmore Meadows is run
  • Are heated floors worth it?

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Callie Brauel and Nathan Huening
Callie Brauel and Nathan Huening


Farm residents
Each resident has their own mailing address
structures on the property
They’ve built a few earthen structures on the property
Residents tiny houses
Cranmore Meadows has seven full-time residents
tiny house
The residents lead committees for various projects around the property

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