Charming Cottage-Style Shuttle Bus Tiny Home

Mary Lou and Jacob built a charming cottage-style shuttle bus tiny home, called The Prancing Pony. Their unique DIY conversion is full of clever surprises, Hobbit hole vibes, and nerdy delights. As they put it, the build-out was a true labor of love. Both of them worked to hand-craft details to meet their needs, from daily activities to board games. Impressively, they did all of that while infusing their space with organic shapes and rich textures. For instance, they created curved window shapes framed in white with deep velvety green curtains.

Mary Lou and Jacob’s aesthetic choices didn’t interfere with functionality. They packed in loads of storage, all secured for easy, safe transport. One of the most impressive areas is the back lounge space. It’s a multifunctional wonder serving as a sofa, desk/dining table/gaming space, and storage for water & board games. As if that wasn’t enough, it also transforms into a full-size bed. For them, the process of setting up the bed adds is a gratifying slow living routine. Good news: when they’re not feeling well, they can leave the bed set up and use their compact counter-height table with repurposed stool seating!


Most importantly, their shuttle bus tiny home is key to a major slow lifestyle shift—a way to grow, adventure and discover where they want to homestead in the future. Follow Mary Lou & Jacob’s tiny home adventures on YouTube.

“That’s a big theme in how we were striving to live our lives when we were in Los Angeles: big little things. Concentrating on small things you do for yourself, for your partner, that make a really big difference, and living this lifestyle really really allows for that on a much more regular basis.

Just the opportunity to live simply, slowly, and with a lot of meaning is really nice.”

-Mary Lou, @miss_mary_lou

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