The True How-To-Duo ~ with Kiva and Jake

If you’re thinking to yourself “Where are all the How-To-Build-A-Tiny-House videos on YouTube!?” Or, on a grander scale, wondering how you’ll conquer the learning curve of building your own; wonder no more! While this week’s interview won’t fill your dying need of know how to secure your subfloor to your trailer, after hearing our guests story you’ll have a great place to start! You see, Kiva and Jake started right where you are; Square One. And they’re still building, and filming, and teaching us a step at a time so we don’t make the same mistakes they did. Michelle has been their fan from day one, and it’s not just because their tiny house and hers share the same moniker. It’s because this young couple shows us, once again, the meaning of “Let’s DO this!”

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russell - December 2, 2017 Reply

Ok a few quick question? On your trailer do you count the tongue in length? When I build a THOW I do not count it. So I just got a trailer 7′ 9 ” x 24 feet. Double axle and it was a old rv camper. It even has the tanks for water, grey, black. With the pumps and still wired up. I will check them, clean them also. I have built smaller tiny houses but this is double the size (length) of the last one. If my plans work out it will be the last one to build for me. Pros I got all the outrigger to bolt it down to the frame. All 4 jacks on ends to level it. I got water heater, counter tops, wire to run the whole thing 4 times over. I got solar lights, wind kit, and water set up. Cons no shower, doors, windows, cabinets. I just got it last Tues, and it has bad weather all week. Back to my plans. I do like the shed roof when I make a tiny house.

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