Tiny House Swoon, Three Boobs and a Mule with Steven Harrell

Today we chat with Tiny House Swoon owner, Steven Harrell (check this spelling). Steven created Swoon after a dream inspired him. This was after he had already created several other tiny house websites, including tinyhouselistings.com and tinyhousevacations.com. Obviously Steven has tiny houses flowing in his veins. But it hadn’t always been that way. Before tiny houses he was a successful entrepreneur living the high life. That high life ending abruptly was a good thing because it lead to Steven finding his passion.

Today Steven lives on a North Carolinian island, enjoying a life purpose built around all things tiny.

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Steven - January 27, 2017 Reply

Thanks for sharing you guys! Tiny House Listings is actually my flagship website but Tiny House Swoon is a nice runner-up. I love the title to this post, hilarious! Thanks again.

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