There’s Nothing Tiny About What Faith Can Do – with Reverend Fowler

While we have talked, more than a few times, about the concept of using tiny houses to help our homeless and disadvantaged citizens, today’s interview with Reverend Fowler is by far the most inspiring conversation we have had, to date. (Michelle even cried.) Most homeless communities focus on transition housing but the Cass Community Social Services program in Detroit provides a guaranteed in road to tiny home OWNERSHIP! And these aren’t cookie cutter houses. Each one is as different as the challenges their occupants face. Listen in this week to learn how Faith (our new hero’s name) helped to bring together private donors to overcome the lack of subsidized funds, how she motivated an entire city to support the CCS mission, and prompted millions of internet viewers to “like”, share, and follow the now-viral videos featuring the impressive results of their hard work.

And, as mentioned in today’s podcast, here is a link to a recent MSN article featuring Michelle’s “Empty Nest”. We’re so proud!

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