Sewer Pipe Dreams: Andreas Strauss Creates Successful hotel From Sewer Pipe

Andreas Strauss

This week, Tiny House Podcast “travels” to Europe to interview Andreas Strauss, inventor, designer, hotelier. Ever considered living in a sewer pipe? After this episode you will. Andreas is the creator behind the word’s first hotel where the rooms are fashioned from nine-ton (brand new) city sewer pipes. Affectionately called The Daspark Hoteliers, the hotel began as an hospitality experimental brainstorm. An industrial designer and iconoclast, Andreas’ unique ideas and values fit perfectly with the Tiny House movement. Fast forward 12 years later, his unlikely experiment today draws people from all over Europe to see – and stay in – these tiny marvels. Would you spend three days living in a sewer pipe? We didn’t think so either. That is, not until we feasted our eyes on Daspark Hotel.

Andreas Strauss

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