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Rae and Trevor and “Go Anywhere” Off-Road Tiny House

1998 LMTV M1078

Would you take the risk of purchasing a 30 year old military vehicle that will break down all of the time?

Ethan’s podcast guests this week have done just that. Rae and Trevor of Wazimu Life tell us today on the podcast about their interesting lifestyle. Learn the ins and outs of living in a off-grid rolling home and how this affects a nomad.

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In This Episode:

  • Wazimu explained
  • When is the vehicle too suited for off-roading?
  • How to build an off-road, off-grid rolling home
  • The English Bulldog is the perfect nomad dog
  • Compost toilet vs black tank
  • “Military Grade” may not mean what you think
  • How is time irrelevant to nomads?

Links and Resources:

off-grid tiny house

Wazimu is crazy or madness in Swahili

off-grid bed

The bed in the LMTV operated via a crank


Rae and Trevor can be off-grid as long as their grocery supply allows

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