Pushing the Envelope of Innovation and Boundaries – with Ryan Donato

Often, I (Michelle) have to work pretty hard to write this; the introduction copy for a podcast episode. It’s not because our guests aren’t awesome; it’s because finding the unique words to explain just HOW awesome they are, can often be a creative challenge. So, as you might imagine my workflow includes perusing the guest’s website for additional fun clues into their particular brand of awesome. And, I gotta’ admit, this week’s introduction literally wrote itself. Within a few seconds of clicking on their homepage a chat window opened up accompanied with a loud “BING” noise!!

Chat Window: “Hello! Is there anything I can help you with today?”

Me: “Wow. There’s actually someone on the other end of this website on a Sunday afternoon?”

Chat Window: “How can I help you?”

Me: “This is Michelle from the Tiny House Podcast just perusing their website and writing the introduction copy for their upcoming episode. I don’t need any help really. (Unless you want to write it for me? 300 words about how awesome they are! LOL!)

Chat Window: “Gotcha! This is Ryan’s business partner, Jeremy. I’ve met you before, briefly, over the phone.”….

We then chatted for a few more minutes, until I insisted that he return to his day-off-relaxation-time.

At this point I could write a thousand words about how innovative, amazing, beautiful and well built Tiny innovations’ houses are. However, I don’t know about you but there is nothing more impressive, or innovative, than the CO-OWNER of a new tiny house building company answering a random internet chat window “BING” late on a Sunday evening.


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