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Paul Dashevsky and Jon Grishpul on How to Pick a Great Contractor

With our home being the single biggest purchase we ever make it is very important to choose a builder that is right. We only do this one or twice in our lives so it is easy to make mistakes.

In the podcast today Ethan talks with Paul Dashevsky and Jon Grishpul who have started a company called GreatBuildz. The goal of the company is to connect homeowners with reliable, pre-vetted contractors.

In this interview, Ethan asks some tough questions on what to look for in a contractor. In addition, Paul and Jon created a downloadable checklist “How To Choose A Contractor” and they’re making it available to listeners of the show. So go to this link to get your copy.  Fill in the form that is below the links.

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In This Episode:

  • You have homework: the steps you should take before you call a contractor
  • The basic things your contractor must have and why
  • Can licensed contractors legally build you a tiny house?
  • How to determine whether a contractor is right for you
  • Types of contracts and what to look for when comparing bids
  • Why you should read the contract or have an attorney help you out
  • Should your builder provide a warranty?
  • Payment schedules and reasonable expectations
  • You hired an out-of-state builder. How do you check-in?

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Jesse - March 19, 2021 Reply

Hi there!

Thanks for all of your info!

Would you happen to have any connections to tiny house contractors in Canada?

Thanks so much for any guidance!


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