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Tiny Blue in Worcestershire, UK

At 20’ long and 8’ wide Tiny Blue (as she is affectionately called) is a beautiful DIY tiny house in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Owned by Grace Stringer and her partner Craig is our featured cover on this month’s Tiny House Magazine.

Included in this issue is a discussion with Jilan Wise of Far Out Tiny Homes discusses the problems that still persist for tiny homeowners wanting to be legal in our country.

For years, the legalization of tiny homes within county and city jurisdictions has been heavily debated. How many times have you called your local permitting office or zoning and planning department inquiring about tiny homes?

Why is this such a difficult task? How can purchasing a 3,000 square foot home be so easy, but quite the opposite experience for a much smaller space?

Find out the reason and what steps are being taken to remedy the issue in Jilan’s article, “Can Appendix Q Change the Real Estate Market?”

Do you want to go off-grid? Find out how it works for Macy Miller in a snowy climate and for skoolie adventurers Ryan and Ashley in this month’s issue of Tiny House Magazine.

Be sure and purchase your copy of the Tiny House Magazine Issue 99.


Following are a few actual pages from this month’s issue. Enjoy!

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