From New Zealand to A Whole New Tiny World with Bryce Langston

Drum Roll Please!!! For this week’s episode Michelle is THRILLED to have finally lassoed our guest; Actor, Traveler, Videographer, and Internet Star; Bryce Langston. After meeting him in North Carolina and experiencing her first bout of nervous dry mouth on stage, she wanted another chance to ensure this tiny house advocate on wheels got a “proper” interview. What started as Bryce’s passing interest in permaculture, became a full time obsession, that then turned into a still-in-progress trip around the world to prove that the rewards of living tiny are more than worth the sacrifice. And while his own tiny house remains still under construction, we think the fun and lesson-filled stories are most definitely worth the sacrifice he makes for us all. And, by the way ladies, yes…this guy is as dreamy in person as his accent implies. So, where is he headed to next? You’ll have to tune in this week, to find out!

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