Top 5 Halloween Costumes For Your Tiny House

It’s Halloween
by Jack Prelutsky

It’s Halloween! It’s Halloween! / The moon is full and bright / And we shall see what can’t be seen / On any other night.

Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls, / Grinning goblins fighting duels, / Werewolves rising from their tombs, / Witches on their magic brooms.

In masks and gowns / we haunt the street / And knock on doors / for trick or treat.

Tonight we are the king and queen, / For oh tonight it’s Halloween!

Who doesn’t love this time of year? That special night when boys and girls (and adults alike!) get dressed up as their favorite superhero or villain, book character or horror haunt? Why then should tiny houses have to sit it out? Why not let your tiny house enjoy the occasion too? Below are 5 tiny houses that don’t have to sit out as they are “ordinary” tiny houses dressed up as something a little bit different.


Whether it be Count Draculas cliff-top stronghold or Snow White’s bejeweled palace, castles have a special allure at Halloween. This tiny house is certainly no exception. Built and owned by New Zealanders Jola and Justin, this refurbished truck converts into a castle through pop-ups, push-outs, fold downs, hydraulic rises, slide-throughs, and more, the castle-truck is completely off-grid. Not only is it solar powered but also heats water through a mix of rooftop solar panels, a wetback fire, gas, and rainwater collection. The kitchen has a full-sized oven and stove, generous counter space, wood paneling made from recycled power poles, and more! There is also sleeping loft that raises up from above the truck and creates a restful and playful place for the family.


J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series has inspired costumes for the better part of fifteen years now. Nothing seems to draw more attention though than the Shire homes of the Hobbits. With their colorful doors, post and beam construction, and grassy roofs, they are the secret spots many tiny housers dream of. It is a reality for Kristie Wolfe, a serial tiny house builder and aficionado. Her Underground Hygge nestled right into the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge mountainside is a treat from start to finish. From the iconic round doorway to the rich wood accents onto the river rock hearth and fireplace, this dressed up tiny house is nothing short of magical. Of special interest is the woodworker’s bench complete with hand tools and live edge scraps as well as the timber coaster flooring that gives the hole true authenticity!


Albeit a bit scary to the younger set, most tiny housers were awestruck by the colorful world of puppeteer Stromboli as he sat in his gypsy wagon, crafting marionette dolls and tricking little boys into theatrical servitude until he is too old, at which point he will be turned into firewood! Such a story is absolutely not the case for the rolling, tiny home for Frenchy, another New Zealander who built her own Gypsy-Vardo-Style Caravan that is one part art and one part home! With its fire-red exterior and green, canvas barrel top, it oozes magic and mystery. The tiny home features a full kitchen, a plush living area, a full-size bed, ample storage and a toilet. If that weren’t enough though the wagon also showcases a custom wood stove built with marbles placed on the sides, which glow when the fire is lit. True artistry and a costume worthy of attention.


While it may not have a plank or a mast or even a skull and crossbones, this tiny house “Pirate Ship” designed and built by Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder it most definitely a tiny house in pirate ships clothing. Perhaps the most obvious indication of this is the maritime wheel just beside the front door and the series of pulleys and block and tackle that help raise the ceiling up and move the side slides out. Once inside the house, visitors can see that it holds the riches of Blackbeard, the whimsy of Captain Hook, and the richness of Sir Frances Drake. With lush tapestries and fabrics, interesting faux finishes, and warm glowing lights, the “Pirate Ship” is a dream no matter what sea is sets sail in.


Everyone knows “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.” But husband and wife Steve and Judy Van-Den Yssel-Richards, owners of this size 318 boot sure do. They took the idea and literally built a tiny house shaped like a shoe. The cottage is truly built for two featuring a luxury shower for two, a whimsical bedroom, and a relaxing living room area complete with a fireplace. There is even an outside courtyard that is perfect for a late afternoon glass of wine or a snuggle session on All Hallows Eve.

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