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Space really isn’t the new frontier for this philosopher turned tiny house builder. The new frontier is the one that David Latimer is building with his team of amazingly talented artistic builder friends. You may recognize him from the TV show “Tiny House, Big Living” or maybe you met him at the 2015 Jamboree where it all started. Regardless, we’re here to report that in less than 12 months he’s gone from “lookie-loo” to full on “builder guy”. We don’t know about you but we’re really impressed with what he’s been up to. David and his crew are, no doubt, well on their way to becoming the brightest stars in the tiny house movement. Check out their press page! Whoa! We’re almost embarrassed that it took us so long to get him on our show. New Frontier houses are an impressive combination of beautiful and rugged, and David’s ideas for the future reflects his introspective look at society as a whole. We’ve heard more than a few stories of people who have walked away from the high life to join the tiny house movement, but this one just might be our favorite. OK, maybe it’s just Michelle’s favorite. But, really, who can blame her? Have you seen this guy smile?

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