The Expandable Seat For The Small Space

One would like to presume that nesting chairs are derivatives of either Russian matryoshka dolls – a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another – or perhaps more recently, Josef Albers’ Bauhaus Nesting Tables Set. Unfortunately though there really is no history at all on the nesting chair.

Stacking Chair

The concept is simple enough. A seat hides within it more seating. These are not to be confused with stacking chairs, which are found in offices, churches, schools, and other various rooms around the world. A nesting chair can be sat in whether nested or not and when the nested chairs are revealed they make one larger seat. It truly is an interesting design. It isn’t one seen often though. Enter Romanian inventor Daniel Chiriac.

Animation Cloth copyChiriac is a professional mechanical engineer with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Design. A condo dweller and small space enthusiast, Chiriac’s hobby is to alter how things function, questioning how they can be improved. By day he works for a major aerospace company as a design engineer. But this chair – The More-In-One – is exactly as the title would suggest. 

The first prototype was archaic and somewhat rigid Chiriac confesses. It lacked style but was incredible in terms of function.

Hard ChairSince 2015 Chiriac has moved on to a more comfortable design and is in a patent pending hold with a furniture company building a ready-to-produce prototype. The chair will ultimately be available in a variety of fabrics, thread counts, colors, etc. “The application of the More-In-One for the tiny house community is too good to be true.”, notes Chiriac. “People passionate about living in small spaces deserve quality furniture as well and this is what I intend to give them.”

You can find out more about the furniture by visiting Chiriac’s website. With any luck more products like this will show up in the marketplace, ready to make the tiny house lifestyle easier!

5 thoughts on “The Expandable Seat For The Small Space”

  1. This. Is. Brilliant! One could have an ‘easy’ single chair in the tiny space, but also be able to take it outside onto a deck, a porch or other larger spot and have a full sized sofa for guests! There are expanding tables made with a similar concept that can accommodate one or two inside, but up to a dozen in a larger area…

  2. Thank you, Elisabeth!
    Yes, this concept can work on a balcony, but also in a living room, kid’s room, dining room, waiting room…basically wherever you need space but from time to time you need more seats.
    Why would you need a sofa all the time to occupy your house when you only need it few times a year?
    There are expandable tables, but they had no matching expandable chairs… until now 😉
    It is also highly configurable, you can have 2 seats on the left and one on the right side, or you could start with 2 central positions and expand 2 on the side, to allow thicker cushions or more seats.
    This is not just a design, but a FUNCTION that can be applied to a lot of designs.
    I’m looking for a company that can bring this concept to the market, maybe as a line of products.

  3. Daniel you’re my hero you need to get this to Market ASAP for all of us in the tiny house Community having had three absolutely horrendous situations with landlords in Central Florida my husband I finally built our tiny house right in the driveway we’re almost ready to leave out of the last bad situation we have water coming in from our ceiling and have the electricity doesn’t even work but that’s because the landlord hasn’t paid his Mortgage in four and a half years and has no money to fix this place despite the fact it’s across the street from half a million dollar homes this chair / couch is great for my situation my husband is a drywall mechanic and works during the day while I am at home watching TV spending time with our Scottish terrier and making beautiful Swarovski jewelry I can bring out all of my crafting and jewelry making workstation while using the chair put it away before he comes home and then we have a couch you are a damn genius as the song says Have I Told You Lately That I Love You


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