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My tiny house is now an Airbnb.

Ethan's tiny house

Are you interested in listing a tiny house on Airbnb? It is exactly what I have been doing, so I thought I’d let you in on my experience.

The purpose of this episode is to talk about what it’s been like turning my tiny house into an Airbnb, and things I would have designed differently if I had known I would be renting it out. You also get a host’s perspective on Airbnb.

Our show would not have been possible without the listener questions submitted. Thank you.

You asked (and there were a lot of you), so here is my answer. What we do with the poo is one of the things I talk about.

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In This Episode:

  • Why and where Ethan moved his tiny house
  • How he prepared the site
  • Covering guest expectations and liabilities
  • What we do with the poo: all about the compost toilet
  • Making the tiny house an easier rental
  • Your amazing questions answered
  • Podcast episodes full of Airbnb information

Links and Resources:

Parsnip the dog

Parsnip enjoys helping Ethan and Anne ready the tiny house for guests

Ethan's tiny house loft

Ethan has a loft with a ladder access

Ethan's tiny house kitchen

If he had known it was going to be a rental one day, Ethan would have installed a closet in the kitchen

composting toilet

The compost toilet uses sawdust and compostable liners

tiny house propane stove

The stove in the tiny house uses propane

tiny house window air conditioning

Ethan installed a window air conditing unit in a window above the couch

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