Modular Building and Tiny Homes

Abby Shank saw a demand for better quality tiny homes with a quicker build time and set out to do just that. With almost a decade of experience in the tiny home industry, Abby is eager to provide a better quality build and living experience through her homes and communities.

Abby is solving that problem by partnering with other companies, essentially becoming a tiny house builder who doesn’t build all of the houses herself.

Ethan and Abby discuss the evolution of Tiny Estates from a community of vacation homes to permanent residences and all of the work that that shift entailed, plus Abby’s new business model.

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In This Episode:

  • The evolution of Tiny Estates
  • Short-term rental challenges
  • How Abby and her partners are improving tiny home builds
  • Can tiny homes meet HUD code?
  • Do tiny homes depreciate or appreciate in terms of resale value?

Links and Resources:

modern tiny house model

Interior of the 28? Modern mode

maple finish

The maple finish looks bright and cozy at the same time

standard finish

They’ve tested the homes for a variety of weather conditions


The systems are built to be accessed easily in case of repairs

mini splits

Most houses come with mini splits, but other options are available

modern tiny house

They aim for a balance between aesthetics and practicality

loft bed

Managing short-term rentals helped with perspective

building 40 houses a month

They can build 40 houses a month!

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